Many high-quality bodywork places also charge around $2/min, our recommended sessions are simply longer because we are committed to different goals.

While releasing much deeper tension in a comprehensive and thorough sequence, we guide our clients into

a measurable deepening into parasympathetic potential..

Approx. % of depth potential Neuron/Processing centers involved Parasympathetic Sub-State
1-30 Brain Relaxation
31-50 Heart + Brain The Zone
51-70 Heart + Brain + Gut FlowState
71-90 Above + DMT release Psychedelic learning
91-100 Unknown Unknown

We believe that the higher, unknown, depths of this potential is where the mechanisms that allow placebos to work are. Placebos have worked at some effectiveness in almost every double-blind study..

We use technology and techniques that are in sync with guided breathwork to make sure that not a minute is wasted. Expect the best value and benefit. CONSISTENCY is KEY for BEST RESULTS because clients LEARN, OVERTIME, how to SURRENDER to DEEPER STATES.