Let’s make a difference together! The reality is that most adults have aches and pains in their bodies AND for so many, those aches usually come much younger than they expected. Our commitment and ability to quantify results is the key to both our client’s and company’s success.

Looking for yoga instructors to learn our KungFuYoga and AntiAging Bodywork modules to optimize strength, awareness, and movement patterns. You must become strong enough to benefit from healing others. Many bodyworkers break down their bodies to help others feel better. This cannot be the case in the evolution of Healers. We must benefit from every aspect of healing others. This is the KungFuYoga way. 

KungFuYoga philosophy views martial arts and yoga as the same thing at the highest level; opposite sides of the same coin, one for a time of peace, one a time of war. In both art forms we practice technique, posture, and form continuously in the effort of internalization so that we can eventually flow without thinking. In both we use a synchronization of breath and movement to move universal energy. Yoga calls it Prana, some martial arts call it Chi (Qi). It’s the same thing, even some of the poses are similar. Founder of KungFuYoga, Ibok, has studied almost every martial art and lineage of yoga, it’s easy for him to blend them into the ultimate flow. Called the Ultimate Flow because it embraces all elements (fire, water, earth, air), both yin and yang, both protection and HEALING. 

We will be licensing our technology to yoga studios near you! We are interviewing yogis to be accepted into our trainings and become a part of our team. AntiAging Bodyworkers get the highest compensation in the industry but we demand the best. We demand the completion of the cycle of energy in a way that allows energy to amplify with every cycle. 

If you’re a yogi that can understand that last sentence, have a natural desire to help people get out of pain, and have been told by someone that you have a healing touch, you should apply. We have the ultimate healing platform and a commitment to stay the most effective system. We can make you MUCH STRONGER.

Our system gamifies the quantified journey to higher and higher states of healing and consciousness utilizing high technology and state of the art sensor technology. Our strategy for viral adoption will blow your mind. Tell us a bit about you below and maybe we can send you some more information about how we are going to change the world.

Contact us for more information on investment and career opportunities at StretchQUAKE.

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